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Why It’s Time to Ditch Heavy Earrings

Why It’s Time to Ditch Heavy Earrings

Have you ever had an earring headache? It’s when your earrings have pulled down on your earlobes all day long and make you want to rip them out of your ear.  We’ve all been there. When you get home from a night out, your earrings are the first thing to go when you’re kicking off your heels and changing back into your loungewear. Heavy earrings can be more than an inconvenience at the end of a night out - they can also be bad for your health.


While stud earrings are an alternative, you don’t want to ditch your dangling earrings entirely. Acrylic earrings are lightweight and hypoallergenic, making them suitable for all skin types and all-day wear. It’s time to ditch your troublesome heavy earrings and switch out to lightweight statement earrings that make you feel as good as you look.


We’re looking at the health risks that come from wearing heavy earrings. While statement earrings are everywhere you look, from the runway to social media, they can be less than stylish for your health.


  1. Facial muscle strain

Heavy earrings start to strain your facial muscle, especially statement earrings with stones or gems attached to the bottom, with gravity helping to pull them down. This strain on your facial muscles materialises itself as a headache – which no amount of caffeine will cure.


  1. Stretch the piercing hole

If statement earrings are your signature accessory, you might have noticed that your earlobes and piercing holes have stretched. You’ll usually start to see this when the piercing appears lower on your earlobe than before as the skin stretches, taking the piercing down with it.


Heavy earrings add unnecessary weight to a thin section of skin, causing it to wear and tear as gravity pulls the earrings downwards, elongating the earlobe. In worst cases, this stretching may even lead to the need for corrective surgery if the earlobe ruptures and splits.


  1. Infection and accidents

One risk associated with wearing heavy earrings that is often cited by medical professionals is the risk of infection. Heavy earrings can lead to a mild infection that may require antibiotics or medicated cream to treat.


Another health risk that comes with heavy statement earrings is the danger of catching them. If they get caught in your hair, tangled in a jacket, or tugged on by a child, your statement earrings could rip off your ear and rupture the earlobe.


So how do you fix it? You don’t have to wave goodbye to your statement earrings. Instead, all you need to do is switch out your heavy earrings for lightweight acrylic earrings. You get the same look and aesthetic with added wearability so that you can get the most out of your favourite statement earrings. It’s a win-win!


Are you ready to update your jewellery box? You can check out the handmade Lacey Lou acrylic statement earrings here. These acrylic earrings will add a fun and quirky twist to your outfit without damaging your ears.

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