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Lacey Lou Sparkles Appear on Dancing with The Stars: All-Stars 2022

Dancing with the Stars is our guilty pleasure. What better way to spend an evening than watching your favourite celebrities battle it out on the dance floor? It’s a parade of stunning dresses, classic music hits, and celebrities trying to master the art of the waltz. So, you can imagine our excitement when our very own earrings showed up in Dancing with the Stars: All-Stars 2022.

It's the ultimate ‘pinch me’ moment. We can’t believe that our earrings are making an appearance on one of our favourite reality TV shows. We can’t wait to see them sparkly up the dance floor. Not one, but two of the DWTS cast for All Stars 2022 are wearing Lacey Lou Sparkles. Pinch us!



Kylie Gilles in Lacey Lou Sparkles

For ‘Dancing with The Stars: All Stars’, some of the most beloved former celebrity contestants are slipping back into their dancing shoes. Kylie Gillies from ‘The Morning Show’ on Seven is returning to stage after getting to the grand finale in 2009.

You can imagine how excited we were when Kylie posted the first photo on her Instagram. She’s is wearing our midnight blue chandelier earrings in the promotional photos for Dancing with The Stars: All-Stars. We’re crossing our fingers that these earrings make an appearance live on Dancing with The Stars.

These glamorous earrings make a statement wherever you go and are guaranteed to sparkle. We love that Kylie is wearing this style as they’re lightweight and comfortable for wearing all day long. You can take a lesson from Kylie’s outfit by wearing your chandelier earrings as a statement piece with a chic dress.

Could Kylie wear these earrings to clinch the Dancing with The Stars trophy? We’ll have to wait and see!

Angie Kent in Lacey Lou Sparkles

Kylie isn’t the only Dancing with The Stars: All-Stars contestant wearing our earrings. We’re so excited that Angie Kent, who you’ll know from Bachelorette and Gogglebox, is jazzing back into her dance shoes once again. She’s a reality TV show veteran, and we’re in love with her bubbly sense of humour.

Her promotional photo for the new season also features one of our favourite pairs of acrylic earrings. These rainbow diamond earrings capture Angie’s spirited and quick-witted personality. Could they be her lucky charm to get to the grand finale?

Angie’s styled our earrings in the promotional photos with an 80’s-inspired sequin blue dress, complete with a red headpiece. We can’t wait to see these earrings shine bright like a diamond on the dance floor.

When you’re tuning in to the new season of Dancing with The Stars, look out for Lacey Lou earrings sparkling on the dance floor. Dancing with The Stars: All-Stars premieres at 7 pm on Sunday. We can’t wait to see where our earrings pop up next.

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